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Suede Fabric

Take your clothing, surfaces, or packaging to the next level thanks to the expressive and stylish flocking solutions and services from the experts at Flock Finishers. Having worked in the industry for over 40 years our skilled and highly-experienced team know how to deliver exceptional flocking according to the desires and the requirements of our valued customers and clients.

Completed by depositing a large volume of small nylon fibres, or a specialised flocking powder, onto a specific surface, flock finishes can take on the appearance and texture of a number of other textiles or products. Available in a wide range of colours and designs our high-quality flocking service allows us to produce a superior suede fabric for Melbourne domestic, commercial, and industrial customers.

Committed to delivering a superior and versatile service that fulfils all the needs and requirements of our specific customers Flock Finishers use only the best fabrics, fibres, and powders to ensure that flock does not deteriorate. It is our focus on customer satisfaction that makes us the “flocking company near me” that Melburnians can rely on for the best results, everytime.

Providing a plush and soft surface, our suede fabric products are of the highest quality and standard, and can be used to fulfil a number of industry-specific tasks and services. To find out more about our reliable and professional suede fabric flocking services in Melbourne give us a call on 03 9706 4602.

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At Flock Finishers there are no limits on what can be flock coated!

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