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Dash Flocking

Help to protect your vehicle’s dashboard from deterioration thanks to the premium flocking services and solutions on offer from the industry-leading experts at Flock Finishers. Drawing on over 40 years of first-hand and detailed industry experience our knowledgeable team of professionals can complete high-quality dash flocking for Melbourne residents or automotive manufacturers.

Sitting on top of the vehicle’s dashboard, dash flocking products act as a barrier between the surface of the dash and exposure to damaging UV radiation caused by direct exposure to sunlight. Customised to suit the dimensions of the vehicle’s dash, our dash flocking solutions ensure that the material maintains its integrity and colour without splitting or cracking.

As the leading “flocking specialists near me” for Melburnian domestic, commercial, and industrial residents, Flock Finishers can fabricate and supply a wide range of flocked materials in custom dimensions and colours to suit the tastes and requirements of our valued customers.

Affordably-priced and of the highest levels of quality, our dash flocking helps keep your vehicle’s interior in the best condition possible. For more information about our extensive range of flocking services, or to consult with a member of our team about your specific flocking needs, give us a call today on 03 9706 4602.

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At Flock Finishers there are no limits on what can be flock coated!

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