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Velvet Coating

Have you been searching for the right team to apply a flawless velvet coating in Melbourne? Enjoy high-quality and cost-effective fibre flocking services and solutions thanks to the attentive and fully-qualified professionals at Flock Finishers. As our name suggests Flock Finishers specialise in applying fibre coating to a variety of unique surfaces for domestic, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Melbourne’s metro area.

Drawing on over 40 years of varied industry experience and training Flock Finishers have the knowledge to complete aesthetically-pleasing and professional velvet coating for Melbourne customers from all walks of life and specialisations.

Applied using electrostatically charged fibres and adhesives our flocking services bond countless tiny fibres to the surface of the material, changing its texture and physical appearance. As a part of our service any residual fibres that have not bonded are removed for a clean and complete experience.

Affordably-priced and suited for everything from lining cabinet drawers, to packaging inserts, our velvet coating solutions add definition and style to otherwise bland products. To find out why we are the best “velvet coating specialists near me” for Melbourne locals, or to learn about any of our other outstanding flocking services, give us a call on 03 9706 4602.

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At Flock Finishers there are no limits on what can be flock coated!

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